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In 2019 Rev Prof. Michael Mullaney was elected as President of the Administrative Board of The Federation of European Catholic Universities or, in French, Fédération des Universités Catholiques Européennes (FUCE), which was created in 1991 as a regional daughter organisation of IFCU (the International Federation of Catholic Universities).

Other members of the board, include representatives from the Lebennon, Italy, France and the Ukraine. For further details about FUCE, see http://www.fuce.eu/index_en.ht...

Below please find editions of the FUCE Newsletter

FUCE Newsletter No 1 - January 2020

FUCE Newsletter No 2 - Summer 2020

FUCE Newsletter No 3 January 2021

FUCE Newsletter No 6 - Autumn 2022

Fuce Newsletter No 7 - March 2023


FUCE News & Events

Thu Jan 11th, 2024

Erasmus funded Summer School in France

Thu Sep 22nd, 2022

'In Brief' the autumn edition of the FUCE newsletter

Thu Jul 7th, 2022

Summer School - European Humanism in the Making - Gubbio, Italy

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