PY212 Academic and Personal Reflection II+

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Module Level



Final Assessment: 100%. Assessment will be based on the written portfolio and a subsequent discussion between each student and one or two lecturers.

Module Aims

This module, which must be completed before the end of the second year of the programme, involves the composition of a portfolio: a reflective written collection of study completed, skills developed, and self-knowledge acquired. The portfolio has two principal aims.

  • First, it provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned through itemizing their courses and other relevant activities, and through selecting and editing some of their written work. It thus displays their knowledge, abilities, and skills in a concise manner.
  • Second, it provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their experience of being a student, not simply in terms of what they have learned, but especially in terms of why they have learned, how they have learned, what they have learned about themselves as learners, the difference this learning has made to them from a personal, intellectual and moral point of view, and how this learning can guide them as learners in the future.

Learning Outcomes

  • will be capable of identifying both their strengths and the areas in which they need to develop,
  • be able to review the progress they have made so far and the challenges that lie ahead,
  • will know how to articulate their own particular style of learning, and create an action plan with realistic targets for future growth.
  • their own self-knowledge will be deepened.