CL 262 Canon Law of Marriage

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Module Level

8 (Undergraduate)

Related Department

Canon Law


Exam: 100%

Module Aims

To equip students preparing for ministry in the Church with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the theological, historical and juridical dimensions of the celebration of the sacrament of marriage.

Indicative Syllabus:

• Marriage in the CIC 17 and CIC 83

• Marriage as Covenant, Sacrament and Contract

• Preparation and Matrimonial Impediments

• Defective Consent and canonical jurisprudence

• Canonical Form

• Mixed Marriages

• Annulments

Learning Outcomes

  • To trace the key doctrinal, historical and juridical developments of the celebration of the sacrament of marriage;
  • To understand the significance of the juridical dimensions of the celebration of the sacrament of marriage and its relationship with best pastoral practice.
  • To identify and read key magisterial documents, jurisprudence and canonical doctrine in relation to the grounds of defective consent and the dissolution of marriage.
  • To have an overview of recent changes to marriage annulment processes


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