CL 270 Law Justice and rights in the Church

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Module Level


Related Department

Canon Law

Time Allowance

Lectures 12 hours Private Study 36 hours


Final Examination 100 %

Module Aims

This course aims to introduce students to the:

  • Theological foundations of law in the Church.
  • Fundamental concepts, principles and definitions of canon law.
  • Principles for interpreting canon law.
  • Unique nature of rights in the Church.
  • Various processes for vindicating and defending rights in the Church.

Learning Outcomes

  • A greater appreciation of the historical evolution and theological foundations of the law of the Church and the distinctive character of canon law vis-à-vis civil law.
  • Acquired the academic skills to interpret and apply the laws of the Church in a correct and pastoral manner.
  • An understanding of how rights are exercised in the Church as communion.
  • A familiarity with ecclesial administrative, judicial and penal processes.


  • The Code of Canon Law (1983)
  • The New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law (New York 2000)
  • The Canon Law: Letter and Spirit (London 1995)
  • J. Coughlan, Law, Person and Community (Oxford Press 2012)
  • C.J. Errázuriz, Justice in the Church: A Fundamental Theory of Canon Law (Montréal 2009)
  • J.T. Martín de Agar, A Handbook on Canon Law (Montréal 2007)
  • B. Ferme, Introduction to the Sources of Canon Law (Montréal 2007)
  • J. Coriden, Introduction to Canon Law (New York 2004)