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Continuous Assessment (100%)

Module Aims

Aims:  This module is aimed at integrating theological reflection with the experience of community service. The module offers academic credit in recognition of volunteering, community service and mission outreach. This module therefore enables students to acquire a range of transferable skills required of university graduates. To this end, it aims to provide an opportunity for 

  1. reflective practice by a student 
  2. further reading on the community needs being addressed in the service 
  3. theological insights to be brought to bear 
  4. articulation and communication of the experience.

A student is free to propose a service-project; but it can only be permitted in consultation with the Registrar and Module Deliverer.  

Note:This module is also available to second year students who undertake a summer experience abroad with Maynooth Mission Outreach(MMO). Students must participate fully in the activities of the MMO. While the summer experience must be taken before third year, the credit will be assigned in third year. 

Indicative Syllabus:

  • On Reflective Practice 
  • On using scriptural sources to deepen reflection 
  • Relevant Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Elements and Forms of Assessment:

  • Journal:30 %                 Individual written reflection on the experience of participation in the voluntary activity, equivalent to 1,500 words
  • Poster:   30 %                 An individual poster presentation demonstrating involvement in voluntary activity, equivalent to 750 words 
  • Presentation: 40 %           A verbal presentation on the insights gained from involvement, equivalent to 750 words 

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate experience of sustained participation in voluntary activity
  • Articulate on a the range of issues, policies, and problems associated with the subject of community service
  • Reflect on the skills gained and the goals achieved in undertaking community service
  • Communicate effectively in a structured manner.