PG 302 History of Christian Thought

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Module Level

Level 9/10 (postgraduate)

Time Allowance

Wednesday evenings (first semester, starting 30 September 2020): 6pm-7pm (online, synchronous delivery) + one hour of asynchronous independent learning (not allowing for the time needed for prescribed reading and the completion of exercises). Further details of how to join the class will be provided on the Moodle page for the module.


Essay of 5,000 words on an agreed topic (75%), Continuous Assessment - bibliographic exercise, source criticism, state-of-research exercise, etc (25%)

Module Aims

To provide students with a thorough introduction to the most significant issues in the evolution of Christian thought from the beginnings of Christianity to the immediate aftermath of the sixteenth-century Reformations. By means of guided reading, source criticism, and the exploration of key themes, students should come to appreciate the rich tapestry that is the history of the Christian tradition. Each session will incorporate the reading of primary source texts as examples.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should have been provided with a thorough introduction to the history of Christian thought
  • Students should have learned how to critically read a range of primary sources from the early Church to the Reformations
  • Students will have learned how to build up a significant bibliography that they will use in their 5,000 word essays and will gain a thorough grounding in the stylistic conventions of presenting material according to the Chicago style
  • Students will have learned how best to ascertain the status quaestionis of a particular research topic and how to critically evaluate the work of other scholars


  • A general bibliography will be provided on the module's Moodle page