PT 438: Educational Chaplaincy: Ministry of Catechesis and Faith Formation

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Module Level

7/8/9: Dip/H.Dip/MTh

Time Allowance

Semester One, 12 weeks. One hour per week


Class Work 40% Written Assignment 60%

Module Aims

  • To understand the concepts of Catholic Education, religious education and catechesis as it has developed since the Second Vatican Council.
  • To locate the place of religious education in the contemporary Irish school and its implications for chaplaincy.
  • To become familiar with the methodology, content and elements of the Grow in Love programme.
  • To explore the relationship between home, school and parish as partners in religious education and to consider how this relationship can be strengthened.
  • To investigate particular approaches to chaplaincy in the primary school and the resources necessary for success.

Outline/ Indicative Syllabus

  • Spirituality of the Child
  • Religious Education & Catechesis
  • Catholic Education
  • Religious Education Curriculum and Programme
  • Religious Education ad Special education Needs
  • Prayer and Liturgical formation in the Classroom
  • Sacrament and Sacramental Formation


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