PY140 The History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

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Module Level



Coursework: 40% (one short essay: 10%, one long essay: 30% - assessment details will be distributed during the first week of class). Final Exam: 60%

Module Aims

A study of the history of ancient and medieval philosophy focusing on key historical philosophers and texts. Students will be introduced to the thinking of the ancient Greeks, primarily Plato and Aristotle and their philosophical achievement. Then we will look at the influence of important thinkers who bridge the ancient world to the medieval world. Finally, we will look at important thinkers in medieval philosophy, principally the medieval scholastics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the historical situation of philosophy in the ancient and medieval worlds.
  • Understand the historical interconnectedness of philosophy.
  • Understand the thinking of key historical figures.
  • Understand the importance of the history of philosophy for contemporary issues in philosophy.