PY147 The Philosophy of the Human Person II

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Module Level



Essay: 50% Exam: 50%

Module Aims

Building on the foundation of the first course on the Philosophy of the Human Person, the present course continues to ask the fundamental anthropological question: what, or who, is the human person? It is intended to provide students with the conceptual tools and skills to reflect upon themselves as beings embedded in historical and relational contexts, yet simultaneously to recognise themselves as spiritual beings who transcend these spatio-temporal horizons.

Learning Outcomes

  • Possess a more complex and rich understanding of the person as an incarnate spirit rooted in a rich and deep context which truly gives meaning to human life and action.
  • Think critically in such a manner that they can penetrate beyond surface phenomena of human life to grasp their deeper significance.
  • Understand the human person as a subject, self-conscious and free, who gives meaning to human existence, and who is on a journey toward the realisation of his or her own being.
  • Express their own understanding of philosophical anthropology in such a way that they value both traditional approaches and contemporary attempts to describe the human person.