“Vatican I after 150 Years (1870–2020): Dei Filius and Theology Today”

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April 22nd - April 24th


St Patrick's College, Maynooth


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The Pontifical University of St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, invites you to an online theological symposium dedicated to the philosophy and theology of Vatican I. This event was postponed from April 2020

2020 marked the 150th anniversary of the First Vatican Council. While Vatican I is often remembered for its definition of papal infallibility, this Council also promulgated the Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic Faith, Dei Filius, an incredibly important, but under-appreciated text. The online symposium spread over 3 different session on 3 consecutive days will consist of invited scholars presenting and offering commentary on the key issues of the text, The goal of the symposium will be to offer all those interested (including students, scholars, religious, priests, lay pastoral workers, etc.) an opportunity to immerse themselves in a seminal, but much neglected, text that explains the foundations of the Catholic faith.

Attendees can attend all 3 sessions or pick whichever sessions suit them

Session 1: 22 April (Thurs.) (2-4pm)

Patrick Gorevan: Context of Dei Filius
Rudi te Velde: Ch. 1 on God, Creation, and Providence

Session 2: 23 April (Fri.) (2-5pm, with break)

Simon Francis Gaine: Ch. 2 On Knowledge of God
Gaven Kerr: Ch. 3 On Faith
Cajetan Cuddy: Ch. 4.1 On Faith and Reason

Session 3: 24 April (Sat.) (2-4pm)

Conor McDonough: Ch. 4.2 On the Nexus Mysteriorum
Andrew Meszaros: Ch. 4.3 On Doctrinal Development

A Zoom link to your session will issue closer to the date