​Dr Tobias Winright mentioned in the latest issue of Commonweal Magazine

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Posted 17th October

Dr Tobias Winright, Professor of Moral Theology at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth mentioned in the latest issue of Commonweal Magazine in the US by Catholic theologian Massimo Faggioli for his work on the ethics of war and peace.

"Given the intimate familiarity of the Church in this country with war, much more than Western Europe since 1945, the Russian invasion has not surprised U.S. Catholics to the extent it surprised the Vatican and Pope Francis. The robust theological work done in the United States on peace and war by the bishops’ conference (especially the 1983 pastoral letter The Challenge of Peace), and by professional theologians such as Lisa Cahill, David Hollenbach, and Tobias Winright, has also played a role, with few parallels in Europe in the last fifty years."

The article is available at: https://www.commonwealmagazine...