Irish Times Article - If you feel like the world is ending, you are not alone

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Posted 04th May

Take a look at an interview with Professor Judith Wolfe in the Irish Times on eschatology. Prof Judith Wolfe was among the speakers at The Future of Christian Thinking conference which took place from April 28th-30th.

"Wolfe is one of a number of leading theologians and metaphysicians who are gathering in Maynooth this week to debate the future of Christian thinking at a three-day conference.

Organiser Philip Gonzales of St Patrick’s Pontifical University says: “If history has taught us anything it is our unimaginable capacity for destruction and violence, along with our desire for power and mastery. The Christian apocalypse beckons us to acknowledge and move away from this dark reality of the human heart.” Whatever existential threats exist, “God is love and inherently non-violent”, according to Gonzales."

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