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About Us

So much of Pastoral Care is about being around campus, meeting and greeting, joining in the banter and offering support to students and staff in any way we can. We are here with a listening ear for you, offering:

  • Friendship, support and a listening ear
  • Accompaniment at happy moments, - graduations, campus celebrations and family/personal events
  • Support in times of bereavement and personal difficulty
  • Help in dealing with study issues and exam pressures
  • Pastoral counselling - help with growing and developing as a person
  • General information and referral to other services on campus such as the Academic Advisory Office, Medical Centre and Counselling
  • Links with groups and organisations off campus such as Aware, Samaritans, and Cura
  • Help in developing your spiritual side through spiritual counselling, assistance with prayer and meditation
  • Personal enrichment and reflection opportunities such as weekend retreats
  • Support for the many Clubs and Societies on campus which are run by students for students.

Julie Gunning, the Support Advisor is available in Room 49, Arts Building from 10.00am to 1.00pm Monday to Thursday and 10.00am to 12.30pm Friday.

If you live outside Ireland, check out our dedicated area for international students.

Let’s talk

For Undergraduate queries: email

For Postgraduate queries: email

For The Centre for Mission & Ministries queries, email: