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Scholarships and Funding in Maynooth

St Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth awards scholarships, grants, and fee remission to current and incoming postgraduate & undergraduate candidates in order to promote and foster excellence in scholarship and research, but also to support students in their studies, to enhance their experience of study and research, and to broaden their academic horizons.

St Patrick's Pontifical University awards the scholarships and grants below. Preference is given to applicants who do not hold any other scholarship or educational grant. Scholarships are awarded initially for one year, but may be renewed from year to year during the holder’s course of studies.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The following scholarships and grants are available to undergraduate students of the Pontifical University.


A College Scholarship is available for a lay student taking the Bachelor of Divinity Degree (BD). The Scholarship is valued at €2,000 per annum.

Application Procedure
A link will be sent to you to apply once you have been accepted into the programme.


Five scholarships available for lay students from Northern Ireland taking the BATh in Theology and Arts. The scholarships are valued at €1,500, and includes the offer of campus accommodation.

Closing Date: 12:00 noon (GMT) 23rd June 2023

Download the Application Form here

Application Procedure

Completed application forms must be submitted to

See the Press Release about these scholarships here

Postgraduate Scholarships in the Academic Year 2023-2024

Scotus Eriugena Research Scholarship (Not Available for Academic year 2023/2024)

Three scholarships are offered over a 4-year period for PhD candidates in any of the following areas:

- Systematic Theology/ Liturgy

- Moral Theology / Theological Ethics

- Ecclesiastical History

- Biblical Studies / Sacred Scripture

Each scholarship includes tuition fees (currently of the order of €5500), research allowance, and on-campus residence plan (accommodation and meals, which may be awarded as a personal stipend in the order of €10,000 per annum).

Application involves the formulation of a research proposal in line with application guidelines.

Application Guidelines

Application Form

(Not Available for Academic year 2023/2024)

Scotus Eriugena Scholarship (Not Available for Academic year 2023/2024)

Awards for Current and Incoming Postgraduates

Scholarship and Scholarship Fund Listing

The following are the scholarships and scholarship funds which support postgraduate study and research in the Pontifical University. They are awarded in two tranches: one in late June, and one at the beginning of each new academic year.

Both current postgraduate and incoming postgraduate students may apply for the scholarships and grants provided by these funds. Current postgraduates are notified of the relevant application parameters and deadlines by 30th June, and again prior to the beginning of each new academic year. Incoming students are notified prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Maynooth Union Postgraduate Scholarship Fund
The Maynooth Union was founded in June 1895, during the Centenary Celebration of St Patrick's. The object of the Union is to foster a spirit of mutual sympathy between St Patrick's and its past students and friends. The Maynooth Union Postgraduate Scholarship Fund provides one Postgraduate Scholarship or Grant for a Masters or Doctoral candidate in the Pontifical University. The Scholarship is valued at €3,000.00 per annum, and is awarded on an annual basis.

The Matthew O’Donnell Scholarships
Monsignor Matthew O’Donnell was appointed Professor of Ethics in 1960, later becoming Professor of Philosophy. He served as President from 1994 until his death in 1996. The Maynooth Scholastic Trust provides two postgraduate scholarships, one in Philosophy and one in Theology in memory of Monsignor O’Donnell. The scholarship in Philosophy is valued at €2,600.00 per annum; the scholarship in Theology, at €3,200.00 per annum. The Scholarships are awarded annually.

The Michael Devlin Scholarship
The Michael Devlin Scholarship is awarded annually by the Maynooth Scholastic Trust to a Maynooth graduate, nominated by the Faculty of Theology, engaged in postgraduate studies at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth, or abroad. The Michael Devlin Scholarship is valued at €3,300.00.

The College Scholarships Fund
This fund provides two College Scholarships or College Grants to lay students taking a Postgraduate Degree in Theology. Each scholarship or grant is valued at €2,000.00 per annum, and is awarded annually.

The Daniel and Mary Mulvihill Scholarship Fund
Dr Daniel and Mrs Mary Mulvihill have supported Catholic Education in Maynooth for over a quarter century. The Daniel & Mary Mulvihill Scholarship Fund provides a scholarship or grant to the value of €5,000 for the post-graduate study of Theology at doctoral level, which is awarded annually.

Michael Olden Scholarship Fund
This award to the value of €1,000, may be awarded as a scholarship or grant to a Doctoral student in Theology or Philosophy.

Scholarships and Grants Information 2022-2023

Current registered postgraduate candidates will receive an email, by the end of June, with a link to apply for funding.

Incoming postgraduate candidates will receive an email, prior to the beginning of the new academic year, with a link to apply for funding.

Martin McAlinden (Pastoral Theology) Award

This award provides funding, to the value of €2,000, in the name of the late Rev. Martin McAlinden, former Director of Pastoral Theology. It is open to all Pastoral Theology students (Masters, Higher Diploma and Diploma). This annual award, which commenced in 2019, can be awarded to one candidate or divided between two.

Registered Pastoral Theology Candidates will receive an email by the end of September with a link to apply.

If you live outside Ireland, check out our dedicated area for international students.

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