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Dr Gaven Kerr

Academic Registrar; Lecturer in Philosophy


Contact Details

Email: Gaven.kerr@spcm.ie
Phone: +353 (0)1 708 6466
Office: Dunboyne House

Office hours: Mondays 2 - 4 or by appointment

Research Interests

  • St Thomas Aquinas
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Metaphysics (ancient, medieval, and contemporary)
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Logic
  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion

Highlighted Publications

Aquinas and the Metaphysics of Creation (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019)
Aquinas's Way to God: The Proof in De Ente et Essentia (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015)


‘Kant’s Transcendental Idealism: A Hypothesis?’ International Philosophical Quarterly (2011) 51:2
‘Ontological Commitment and Thomistic Realism’, Thomas Aquinas: Teacher and Scholar (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2012) editors James McEvoy, Michael Dunne, and Julia Hynes
‘A Thomistic Metaphysics of Creation’. Religious Studies (2012) 48:3
‘Aquinas’s Argument for the Existence of God in De Ente et Essentia Cap. IV: An Interpretation and defence’. Journal of Philosophical Research (2012) 37
‘Essentially Ordered Series Reconsidered’. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2012) 86:4
‘McDowell and Aquinas: Philosophical Convergences’. The Thomist (2013), 77:2
‘Aquinas, Lonergan, and the Isomorphism between Intellect and Reality’, International Philosophical Quarterly (2014) 54:1
‘Philosophical Reflections on Faith and Reason’, in John Paul II: Access all Areas: The Thoughts of A Saint, ed. John Harris OP (Cork: One by One, 2014)
‘Thomist Esse and Analytical Philosophy’, International Philosophical Quarterly March (2015) 55:1
‘The Relevance of Aquinas’s Uncaused Cause Argument’, in Revisiting Aquinas’ Proofs for the Existence of God (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2016), ed. Robert Arp
‘Reply to Roseman’, in Revisiting Aquinas’ for the Existence of God (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2016) ed. Robert Arp
‘Aquinas, Stump, and the Nature of a Simple God’, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (2016)
‘Essentially Ordered Series Reconsidered Once Again’, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 91:2 (2017)
‘The Immediate Realism of Léon Noël’, International Philosophical Quarterly 58:2 (2018)
‘Design Arguments and Aquinas’s Fifth Way’, forthcoming in The Thomist
‘A Response to Wilkins’, International Philosophical Quarterly (2019) 59:1
'Modern Philosophy and the Space of Reasons', Philosophy in Ireland: Past Actualities and Present Challenges ed Susan Gottlober (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019)


I have a BA (Hons) in Scholastic Philosophy from Queen's University Belfast.

I have an MPhil in Philosophy from QUB, supervisor Rev. Prof. James McEvoy, external examiner Prof. Thomas Kelly, thesis: The Distinction between Essence and Existence in St Thomas Aquinas

I have a PhD in Philosophy from QUB, supervisor Rev. Prof. James McEvoy, external examiner Prof. John Haldane, thesis: The Metaphysics of St Thomas Aquinas and Neo-Theomistic Realism.

I have taught philosophy at QUB, St Malachy's Seminary Belfast, and Maynooth University.

I have taught theology at Mary Immaculate College Limerick.

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