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Throughout my time my years in St Patrick's, I have always been met by such a lovely atmosphere and a community of people always willing to help one another. Whether it's lecturers, other students or even tutors, there is always a friendly smile and encouragement waiting for you. Also, the free tea and biscuits is definitely a bonus.

Isobel Tinkler Theology & Arts student from Offaly

The ability to study at both St Patrick’s and Maynooth University makes for the best possible experience. My theology lectures and tutorials are small enough to allow me to make connections between both my lecturers and my fellow students. Everyone I have met so far has been kind, approachable and good natured. The lecturers are extremely helpful generous with their students. My Arts subject in Maynooth University is history, and this is in perfect harmony with my study of Theology.

Christopher Lynn Theology & Arts student from Westmeath

This course really offers the best of both worlds, a wide range of arts subjects to be chosen from allows “wiggle-room” if one isn’t 100% sure on what they would like to study. I believe that St Patrick’s Pontifical University was the right choice for me, and one I am very proud to have made.

Marysia Lenkiewicz Theology & Arts student from Meath

Having the opportunity to study in St. Patricks Pontifical University opens a number of doors for each person who roams the halls. Being a BATH student allows you to meet and connect with people from every corner of the globe. I find studying theology rounds you as a person and immerses you into a world you never thought you’d explore. Alongside that in St. Patricks you are surrounded by the beauty of the grounds and greenery and always a happy face. Being in such close proximity to Maynooth town, the train station and Dublin are all huge contributing factors as to why studying in SPPU is a great choice for anyone.

Ruth Kelly Theology & Arts student from Westmeath

I love the sense of interconnectedness between students in St Patrick’s Pontifical University. One of my favourite parts of the university is being able to have access to such a beautiful area, with a wealth of academic and technological resources​. The way in which everything is in such close relation to one another from the college, to the town itself, makes attending SPPU even better.

Niall Carey Theology & Arts student from Meath

Student Ambassadors are a vital link for incoming students, assisting with orientation activities, providing campus tours and being on hand with advice and recommendations on how best to transition from second level into life at university. Student Ambassadors also assist at university events throughout the year passing on their first-hand experiences of life at St Patrick’s.

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Sheila Browne

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