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I love the sense of interconnectedness between students in St Patrick’s Pontifical University. One of my favourite parts of the university is being able to have access to such a beautiful area, with a wealth of academic and technological resources​. The way in which everything is in such close relation to one another from the college, to the town itself, makes attending SPPU even better.

Niall Carey Theology & Arts student from Meath

My time in St Patrick’s has helped to mould the person I am today. With classmates and staff from every corner of the globe I became more aware of the world around me. I've learned invaluable skills from my time at St Patrick's, skills I will use in every aspect of my life in the future. SPPU aims to prepare their students for whatever situation they find themselves in after their studies.

Jack Yore Theology & Arts student from Monaghan

As I hope to have a career with An Garda Síochána, the BATh was the perfect degree to choose. In first year, I studied criminology and Irish alongside theology, then majoring in Irish and theology. I think this degree will really aid me in my future career as not only does theology teach you about varying faiths, and beliefs. It also teaches you morality, and ethics, why people think what they do and how to appreciate that.

Eimear Faulkner Theology & Arts student from Drogheda

Not only do you have the chance to get a great education in St Patrick’s, you also can become involved in student life. There is a great support network for student representatives, so it is easy to take part while also keeping up with your studies. I was able to set up and sit on the Students Representatives Council, and also become a student ambassador.​ This gave me the chance to help out on student issues and arrange college events.

Jessica Lennon Theology & Arts student from Offaly

Every day there are events going on. A great benefit about St Patrick's Pontifical University is that if you want an event to happen just ask, and the staff or fellow students will always try to facilitate it. There are many clubs and societies to join, this allows you to meet so many new people.

Luka Pranciliauskas Theology & Arts student from Wexford

Being a BATh student allowed me to study Irish, which is an essential subject for Primary Teaching in Ireland, along with Theology. I am very grateful for this course as I wasn’t able to achieve the high points needed for a degree in education. Looking back, I believe this degree has in fact served me better as I am gaining a more in-depth knowledge into both Irish and Theology, before embarking on my Professional master’s in education

Aoife Ryan Theology & Arts student from Westmeath

Student Ambassadors are a vital link for incoming students, assisting with orientation activities, providing campus tours and being on hand with advice and recommendations on how best to transition from second level into life at university. Student Ambassadors also assist at university events throughout the year passing on their first-hand experiences of life at St Patrick’s.

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