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Timetables 2022 - 2023

Semester 1 Timetables for Academic year 2022/2023

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**Timetable Clashes**
The Pontifical University Office should be notified immediately of any timetable clashes.

Semester 1 Timetables:

Bachelors in Divinity Year 1

Bachelors in Divinity Year 2

Bachelors in Divinity Year 3

BTh Year 1 (Please note classes commence on the 26th of September)

BTh Year 2

BTh Year 3

BATh Year 1 (Please note classes commence on the 26th of September)

BATh Year 2

BATh Year 3

Diploma/Higher Diploma Philosophy Yr 1

Diploma/Higher Diploma Philosophy Yr 2

HDip/MTh Healthcare

Dip/HDip/MTh Pastoral (Parish)

Dip Youth Ministry & Spirituality

B.Ed Year 1

B. Ed Year 2

B. Ed Year 3

B. Ed Year 4

PMEd Yr 1

PMEd Yr 2

Higher Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy (Download summary)

Diploma in Diaconal Studies

Higher Diploma in Theological Studies (Download Summary)

Postgraduate Timetables (Download Summary)

Please note timetables are subject to change. Postgraduate schedules will be posted in week one of September.

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