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Erasmus+ at St Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth

St Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth welcomes students from all our partner universities in Europe to spend a semester or a full year at St Patrick's under the Erasmus+ exchange programme. As a visiting Erasmus+ student at St Patrick's Pontifical University, you will enjoy a wonderful and unique Maynooth experience, with top quality teaching and learning facilities, friendly staff, a beautiful campus, and a fun social life. The Erasmus+ programme facilitates the mobility of thousands of students and encourages the development of innovative teaching, learning, and research collaborations among higher education institutions in the European Union.

Guide for Incoming Erasmus Students

Erasmus Flyer

How to apply & application deadlines

How to apply:

Apply by filling out the Erasmus+ application form, and return it to

Closing date for receipt of application:

15th May for semester 1 / 15th December for semester 2

Useful information

Useful information for Incoming Erasmus+ students:

Incoming Erasmus+ students may choose modules from the BATh, BTh and BD. They may also chose some postgraduate modules, subject to availability and/or agreement with relevant lecturer. See Chapter VI in the current Kalendarium for more information. Please note that some modules may change from year to year.

The Erasmus Code for St Patrick's Pontifical University is: IRL KILDARE01

Grading System

Academic Dates until 2020

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Who to contact

Erasmus+ Director: Reverend Professor John-Paul Sheridan

Email:, Telephone: +353 0(1) 708 3637

Erasmus+ Coordinator: Admissions Officer
Email:, Telephone: +353 0(1) 708 4772

Rev. Dr. John-Paul Sheridan

Rev. Dr. John-Paul Sheridan

Director of Education Programmes; Erasmus+ EU Programme Coordinator; Lecturer in Systematic Theology; Lecturer in Religious Education and Catechesis

Erasmus Weekend for 'Climb with Charlie'

Samuel  Büchele
"Looking back, I can say that my stay at St Patrick's Pontifical Univerisity was a very good and important experience for me. I got to know many new friends in Ireland and all over Europe. I was positively surprised at how strong our Erasmus community turned out to be and at the amount of spiritual fatherhood we received from Father John-Paul Sheridan. Regarding the education, I really enjoyed the close and familial relationship between the lecturers and the students."

Samuel Büchele - German Erasmus+ Student

Laure De Fleurieu
"It was the first time I left my beautiful France alone to integrate for 3 months into another culture, to speak a new language, to live in a new environment. Despite the fact that I didn't understand a word the first few days, I can assure you that being in Erasmus in Maynooth is living a special and extraordinary experience. It's to make beautiful friendships in faith, despite the cultural and linguistic differences, with people from the 4 corners of the world, it's to participate in courses of great depth, it's to blossom in an incredible setting, it's to have every day the opportunity to grow in one's faith (all of this accompanied by a Guinness of course!), and finally to go back home enriched and grown by a unique experience."

Laure de Fleurieu - French Erasmus+ Student

If you live outside Ireland, check out our dedicated area for international students.

Let’s talk

For Undergraduate queries: email

For Postgraduate queries: email

For The Centre for Mission & Ministries queries, email: