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With exchange agreements with almost 30 recognised universities across Europe, St Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth is actively engaged in the Erasmus+ programme.

- John-Paul Sheridan - Erasmus+ Director


Erasmus+ is an exchange programme set up by the European Union which enables students to follow, and to be assessed in, courses at foreign universities, as part of the degree programme for which they are registered in their home university. Erasmus+ students usually spend one full academic year at a foreign university.

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Erasmus+ Partner Universities

St Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth has inter-institutional agreements with Faculties of Theology in the following countries in the Erasmus inter-university exchange programme:


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Our Erasmus+ Students

My time abroad studying in La Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca was one of the most transformative years of my life. Not only did it improve my level of spoken Spanish, I got to experience the University life in one of the oldest universities in the world. Aside from the books I got to soak in the beautiful Spanish culture, visit some of the world's most historic cities, and have made friends for life from my Erasmus experience. 

Amy Lynch SPPU Student

St Patrick’s Pontifical University has much to offer in the academic fields, but it is also filled with welcoming atmosphere. It has never been easier to learn from the best, but also make so many lasting friendships. Anything one needs can be easily found in Maynooth, a special praise should be given to its two packed libraries. Ireland may not have the best weather, but if one gets a break from assignments, it is certainly worth it to travel through its beautiful landscape. 10/10 recommended as an Erasmus destination.

David Stehlik - Erasmus+ Student

My Erasmus experience at St Patrick's is one of the best academic experiences I have had. The university looks beautiful, and the chapel is stunning which makes studying here even better. The professors are supportive and give you the help you need as an exchange student. The community there is very welcoming and through it I formed deep connections with international peers. Especially the daily tea/coffee + biscuits break in Pugin Hall where the whole faculty, lecturers and students, gathers together to chat in-between classes I will hold dear to my heart. St Patrick's feels like one community where everyone is accepted and included. My time at SPPU impacted my academic and personal life in the best way possible and I would always choose to go there again if I got the chance.

Anika Decker - Erasmus+ Student

At St Patrick’s Pontifical University, you never make it to your classroom without having already met a couple of people smiling at you in the hallway. The friendly, caring, welcoming, and thoughtful attitude of both lecturers and students are unique and really make a difference not only in terms of getting settled and feeling at home in the country but also when it comes to the learning atmosphere. As far as the lectures are concerned, you will encounter a broad range of theologies, positionings, Catholic cultures, and Christian self-understandings, some of which can be challenging at times. I appreciated and tried to embrace this as an opportunity of self-reflection and an invitation to develop my stance on things and mature personally and spiritually.

Johanna Graß - Erasmus+ Student

This semester at St Patrick's Pontifical University was a very happy time: excellent academic level, yes, but above all a great human quality, both from the professors and the administrative and cleaning staff. The campus of the University is magical. I will miss Pugin Hall, and its medieval architecture. It was also great to have the possibility to take advantage of other benefits that the University offered, such as the gymnasium

Juan Manuel Yaryez - Erasmus+ Student

"It was the first time I left my beautiful France alone to integrate for 3 months into another culture, to speak a new language, to live in a new environment. Despite the fact that I didn't understand a word the first few days, I can assure you that being in Erasmus in Maynooth is living a special and extraordinary experience. It's to make beautiful friendships in faith, despite the cultural and linguistic differences, with people from the 4 corners of the world, it's to participate in courses of great depth, it's to blossom in an incredible setting, it's to have every day the opportunity to grow in one's faith (all of this accompanied by a Guinness of course!), and finally to go back home enriched and grown by a unique experience."

Laure de Fleurieu - French Erasmus+ Student

"Looking back, I can say that my stay at St Patrick's Pontifical Univerisity was a very good and important experience for me. I got to know many new friends in Ireland and all over Europe. I was positively surprised at how strong our Erasmus community turned out to be and at the amount of spiritual fatherhood we received from Father John-Paul Sheridan. Regarding the education, I really enjoyed the close and familial relationship between the lecturers and the students."

Samuel Büchele - German Erasmus+ Student

Going to Salamanca for my Erasmus year proved to be one of the best years of my life. The experience will retain a special place in your heart that will last a lifetime."

Yvonne Myles (Graduate BATh, International) who studied at the University of Salamanca, Spain

My semester at St Patrick's took me on a journey through different philosophical fields and eras and helped me broaden and deepen my knowledge in philosophy.

Sophie Wax, Philosophy Student, Germany

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Erasmus+ Director: Reverend Professor John-Paul Sheridan

Email:, Telephone: +353 0(1) 708 3637

For Staff Mobility, contact: Rev. Dr. Jeremy Corley

Phone: +353 (0)1 708 3371

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