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Amy Lynch
My time abroad studying in La Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca was one of the most transformative years of my life. Not only did it improve my level of spoken Spanish, I got to experience the University life in one of the oldest universities in the world. Aside from the books I got to soak in the beautiful Spanish culture, visit some of the world's most historic cities, and have made friends for life from my Erasmus experience.

Amy Lynch - SPPU Student

Why go on Erasmus+

Studying abroad as part of your degree is a fantastic opportunity to extend your studies and will boost your CV, making you even more attractive to your future employer. After successfully completing your studies abroad you will be awarded with a BATh International degree.

Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Full-time registered students on the BATh programme and postgraduate programmes are eligible to apply.

BATh Erasmus students must take 60 credits: 30 credits in Theology and 30 credits in another discipline. BATh Erasmus students must pass the necessary assignments/exams in relation to the credits/modules taken, while abroad, to be eligible for the BATh International award.

Students may go on Erasmus in third year, or in fourth year. Application is made in the academic year prior to the Erasmus year (before 1st March). If students go on Erasmus in third year, then they return to Maynooth after the Erasmus year abroad and study for a further year (4 years in total). Students may go on the Erasmus year after completing third year in Maynooth (provided they have passed all exams), however, they will NOT graduate until they have completed the Erasmus year. On successful completion of the 4-year BATh programme, students may qualify for the BATh International award, provided the necessary assignments/exams in relation to the credits/modules taken (60 credits in total) have been passed in the host university abroad.


No fees have to be paid to the host university. Students are entitled to an Erasmus contribution towards the cost of their mobility.

BATh Erasmus students are covered by the Government’s Free Fees Initiative for the 4th year of study (whether the fourth year is taken in Maynooth or abroad).

Students are assessed in their host universities for courses followed and such assessments are recognised by the home university, according to the ECTS (European Credits’ Transfer System).

ECTS (European Credits’ Transfer System) was proposed by the European Commission as a way of creating common academic procedures for the different European countries. The aim of the system is to guarantee the recognition of studies carried out abroad. It is a kind of ‘common academic coinage’ for measuring and comparing students’ performances and transferring examination results from one institution to another. One year’s (or two semesters’) work is regarded as being equivalent to 60 credits. The number of credits attaching to any course will reflect the number of hours (in lectures, seminars, tutorials, etc.) demanded by that course. Thus, a course to which 10 credits are attached is assumed to represent one sixth of the student’s full year’s work-load. It should be noted that ECTS does not refer to the assessment for courses.

While abroad an Erasmus+ student follows courses in the language of the country involved. Some universities offer free language courses. Online language support through Erasmus+ is also available.

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
University of Palacky, Czech Republic
University of Malta
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
University of Helsinki, Finland
Newman Institute Uppsala, Sweden

Short-term Erasmus Opportunities

Study Abroad Guide

Erasmus Flyer

Who to contact

Erasmus+ Director: Rev. Dr. John-Paul Sheridan
Email: johnpaul.sheridan@spcm.ie

Erasmus+ Coordinator: Admissions Officer
Email: admissions@spcm.ie, Telephone: +353 0(1) 708 4772

How to apply & application deadline

How to apply

Students must complete an “Expression of Interest” application form and return to admissions@spcm.ie

Deadline for applications:

19th March 2023


Read about the experiences that Alumni of St Patrick's Pontifical University, Maynooth's have had while on Erasmus+:

Jennifer Cunningham – Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Yvonne Myles – Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain

Below is an extract from an email received from one of our students in KU Leuven, Belgium:

“I would seriously recommend this year to anyone and everyone, their teaching comes from a different perspective than Maynooth and so while covering the same subjects it gives you a broader outlook. Also the vast numbers of people attending form all over the world with different religions and cultures also help to widen your experience of theology but also your cultural experience…. I could not recommend it enough”.

Useful links

The link below may be useful to you when going abroad:


You may also be interested in reading the Erasmus Charter.

If you live outside Ireland, check out our dedicated area for international students.

Let’s talk

For Undergraduate queries: email admissions@spcm.ie.

For Postgraduate queries: email pgadmissions@spcm.ie.

For The Centre for Mission & Ministries queries, email: cmmadmissions@spcm.ie.