Why Choose St Patrick's Pontifical University?

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Why choose St Patrick's Pontifical University

Discover enriching programmes and a supportive community at St Patrick's.

  • Research focused programmes
  • A supportive learning community
  • World class facilities
  • Global reputation

What we offer

St Patrick's Pontifical University offers a range of internationally recognised undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes taught by leading theologians and philosophers from our beautiful, historic campus in Ireland's only university town. Doctorate, Licentiate, Postgraduate Diploma, Higher Diploma, and a range of Taught and Research Masters programmes are available, in addition to undergraduate degrees, covering topics such as Theological Studies, Pastoral Liturgy, Pastoral Theology, History of Christianity, Contemporary Ethics, Divinity, Biblical Spirituality, Philosophy, and Christian Communications and Media Practice.

Who are these programmes for?

Our programmes appeal to a wide range of people from various countries, religions and academic backgrounds, including Teachers & Religion Teachers, those in Parish Pastoral Ministry, Healthcare & Education chaplaincy, Retreat Ministry, Parish Music Directors, Catechesis & Faith Development, Cantor, Sacramental Preparation Coordination, or those interested in continued studies.

We also have students from a wide variety of careers such as

  • Administration,
  • Publishing,
  • Research,
  • Public Relations,
  • Schools & Parish Administration,
  • Non-Governmental Agencies,
  • Community Development,
  • Journalism,
  • Social Services,
  • Finance,
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Business

If you are looking to explore the bigger issues of life and want to develop a skillset that allows you to think more critically, debate and communicate effectively and research your topics in great depth and you feel that these skills can add to your career and your purpose in life, then you should consider studying at St Patrick’s Pontifical University.



A community of learning that draws on a long and distinguished tradition of scholarship and pastoral practice

If you live outside Ireland, check out our dedicated area for international students.

Let’s talk

For Undergraduate queries: email admissions@spcm.ie.

For Postgraduate queries: email pgadmissions@spcm.ie.

For The Centre for Mission & Ministries queries, email: cmmadmissions@spcm.ie.