Why Study Theology or Philosophy?

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Why Study Theology or Philosophy


The fundamental questions of human origin and destiny cannot be resolved purely from the technological or human sciences. There is always more to life than the sciences are capable of determining.

Philosophy and Theology are disciplines that deal with such questions and that propose avenues for their critical exploration. They probe the human condition through various traditions of practice and reflection. Students can look forward to not only being challenged at the level of personal intellectual growth, but also, to learning new critical skills.

Discovering a meaningful life is a new challenge for many in our culture.
Theology can ask big questions and chase worthy dreams, fuelled by a rich tradition and beckoned by a hopeful future."

Dr Jessie Rogers, Dean of Theology

The Philosophy Faculty at St Patrick’s Pontifical University is specifically designed to explore and engage with Philosophy in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and beyond. It will be of particular interest to those interested in further ministry or education within the Catholic Education Sector."

Dr Simon Nolan, O.Carm, Dean of Philosophy

If you live outside Ireland, check out our dedicated area for international students.

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