EH144 History of the Early Church

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Module Level

Level 8 (undergraduate)

Time Allowance

2 x 50 min lectures per week + private study


Essay 1 (40%), Essay 2 (40%), Engagement with prescribed reading (10%), Source Criticism (10%

Module Aims

  • Introduce the key themes, events and personalities in the early history of the Christian Church.
  • Provide students with a good overview of the most up to date scholarship on the history of Early Christianity.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Be able to fluently discuss the principal events and personalities of the Early Christian Church
  • • Know the main Christian writers and the major Christian writings of the period and appreciate their continuing relevance today
  • • Be familiar with the different models of Church-State relations in the first millennium and be able to articulate the legacy of such developments over the longer history of the Christian Church to this day
  • • Understand the complexities behind the principal theological controversies of the early Christian period and the ecumenical councils that followed them
  • • Appreciate the importance of a good understanding of historical developments and the relevance of this across other theological disciplines


  • This can be viewed on the Moodle page for the module