EL 232 Christian Discipleship & Ministry Leadership in the Context of Conflict

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Module Level


Time Allowance

Attendance at the Summer School/Residential Conference (June 2022) 14hours; Asynchronous Teaching and Learning 10 hours


Reflective Learning Journal; Asynchronous Exercises; Case Study

Module Aims

This module aims to provide a practical theological understanding of difference, division, and conflict within society on the island of Ireland, and to explore the theological foundations and practice of peacebuilding and reconciliation. It provides experiences of encounter among individuals and groups from across Christian denominations, contextual experiences by visiting local areas of relevance, and opportunities for shared theological reflection. The core of this module is a residential, weekend Summer School, organised collaboratively between Maynooth Centre for Mission and Ministries and Belfast Bible College, in association with other theological colleges and relevant organisations.

Indicative Syllabus:

  • Visits to local areas of relevance.
  • Practical theological reflection on various case-studies giving particular attention to the role of Christians – discipleship and ministry – in promoting peace.
  • The influence of culture, stereotypes, racism, and sectarianism.
  • The theological basis for Reconciliation, including truth, dignity, charity, forgiveness, justice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical understanding and ability to analyse the espoused and operant theologies of individuals and groups in local faith communities that may contribute to either conflict or peacebuilding in particular contexts;
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding and ability to analyse the normative and formal theological sources that may promote conflict and violence or peace and social reconciliation;
  • Critically reflect on the role of pastoral ministry leadership in faith communities to enable sustainable transformative action
  • Reflect critically and analytically on an experience of encounter with an individual or group from another faith community
  • Deepen empathic engagement and self-awareness through reflection on the summer school experience.


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