EL 242 - European Humanism in the Making

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Module Level


Time Allowance

Seminar: 25 hours Private study: 100 hours



Module Aims

Aims: The core focus of the course programme is on identifying the roots and routes of the European project and investigating how to valorize them in the contemporary globalized context. This involves a questioning of historical contexts, cultural canon, scientific approach, institution building and citizenship from a wider comparative and international perspective.

Indicative Syllabus:

The programme consists of following five modules, structured in two parts:

PART I – Historical and Cultural Roots: Implications for Europe Today

· Contribution of History to European Consciousness

· Literature, the Arts, Translation and European Identity

  • The Influence of Europe in the History of Science
  • Democracy and Civic Engagement: Beyond Differences.

PART II – Social and Political Construction: Implications for the Future of Europe

· European Social Humanism

Further Details:

  • Dates: The first week of July from Sunday to Saturday
  • Place: Lille France.
  • Cost for student: Free travel and accommodation.

Application Process: Submission of

  • A short motivational letter (1 page)
  • CV (1 page)
  • Contact Data: Family name, Given name, email address, date of birth, nationality, phone number
  • Affiliation (discipline, faculty and university)

To apply, fill in the form (Click here) by December 15th.

If you want to know more please email: michael.shortall@spcm.ie

Elements and Forms of Assessment:

Essays: 100 %