PG 492: Contemporary Issues in Christology

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Module Level

9/10 MTh/PhD/STL/Masters Seminar Course

Time Allowance

Second Semester. Ten two-hour sessions


Seminar attendance, participation and reflection papers: 40%. Final 5000 word essay: 60%

Module Aims

This seminar invites students to participate in an exploration of critical issues in Christology, issues which are rooted in the relationship between the human and the divine in the hypostatic union but which also concern the relationship between the human and the spiritual in the existential experience of people today.

Indicative Syllabus

  • Liberation Christology
  • Point of departure for Christology: a dialectical paradigm or a Rahnerian paradigm?
  • The status of history in Pannenberg’s theology of the Resurrection
  • Is a life of Jesus still possible? The three quests for the historical Jesus
  • The question of the two natures. The Chalcedonian debate: Chalcedon: End or Beginning?
  • Christology and anthropology
  • Christology in an age of religious pluralism: An alternative to the theology of religious pluralism
  • Christological parallels in other religions
  • The emerging Christology of Henri de Lubac
  • A Trinitarian Christology
  • Creation and Christology in Karl Barth
  • Love as inter-Trinitarian kenosis
  • Anthropology and grace
  • Redemption and Theosis
  • The relationship between Redemption and Revelation
  • Satisfaction theology and the primacy of Christ: from Anselm to Duns Scotus
  • From ontology to soteriology – and back
  • The freedom and sinlessness of Christ
  • The knowledge and self-consciousness of Christ


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