PG 724 Synodality: Perspectives from Scripture and Spirituality

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Module Level


Related Department


Time Allowance

10 two-hour seminars


Continuous Assessment 40% (Short Paper 20% + Exegesis Paper 20%) and Final 4000-word Essay 60%

Module Aims

According to Pope Francis, “Synodality expresses the nature of the Church, its form, its style and its mission.” A synodal approach builds on the ecclesiology of the People of God found in the documents of the Second Vatican Council and gives renewed attention to the role of the Holy Spirit in the ongoing life of the Church. This module approaches the academic study of concepts related to synodality through (1) a close reading of New Testament texts, particularly the Acts of the Apostles, and (2) an exploration of communal spiritual practices of discernment. Relevant biblical texts are interpreted with an eye to their underlying spirituality and interrogated for what they might contribute to contemporary discussions on the theology and practice of synodality. The module immerses learners in the Ignatian spiritual tradition as a paradigm for interpreting present reality in light of scriptural wisdom and interrogates the method of ‘spiritual conversation’ as a tool for communal discernment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Select and interpret appropriate biblical texts to articulate a vision for Christian ministry that favours dialogue, participation, co-responsibility and collaboration.
  • Conduct a narrative reading of the Acts of the Apostles which highlights key aspects of synodality, such as the agency of the Holy Spirit and the processes involved in common discernment.
  • Critique popular opinions on issues related to synodality from a biblically informed perspective.
  • Articulate key theological insights of a synodal ecclesiology, paying particular attention to its biblical foundations and spiritual actualisation.
  • Engage in theological discussion of ideas at the forefront of new development in the theology and spirituality of synodality.
  • Relate the spirituality underlying synodal processes to concrete practices of communal discernment and put forward proposals for deepening the experience of synodality in local contexts.


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