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15,000 words. To be written under the direction of a member of the Faculty of Theology, and submitted by candidates in their second year, by the last Friday in July, with a grace period of 2 weeks

Module Aims

This module provides an opportunity for learners to employ skills and knowledge gained in the taught modules in a research project. It gives learners an opportunity to choose a topic related to their area of study, source relevant information, and sharpen their analytical and critical thinking processes through a systematic approach to research, and relate, where appropriate, their learning to the contemporary cultural context or ecclesial concerns.

The dissertation involves an in-depth exploration of a specialised area or issue central to theology. As a capstone module, learners analyse, synthesise and apply their learning by drawing on substantial, relevant research, literature, concepts and techniques. Learners are supported as they devise the research question or hypothesis, design and apply an appropriate methodology, critically review relevant literature and draft a final document at the relevant level.

Learning Outcomes

  • (LO1) demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of the specialist area in question, informed by current scholarship, by way of analysis, interpretation and synthesis
  • (LO2) exhibit written communication skills, including the organization of ideas and clarity of expression
  • (LO3) formulate research questions, make decisions on research methodologies, and display capacity to manage time, set goals, and plan work effectively to meet deadlines.
  • (LO4) Relate the chosen area of specialisation, where appropriate, with other areas of theology, other academic disciples, ecclesial praxis, or contemporary culture.
  • (LO5) Complete an academic dissertation that is methodologically rigorous for their precise field, adhering to academic integrity and citation practices, upholding the principles of academic honesty.