Dr Gaven Kerr writes about love in Irish Catholic article

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Posted 22nd September

Dr Gaven Kerr, Philosophy lecturer here at St Patrick’s, recently wrote a piece in the Irish Catholic on love.

This article is part of a new regular column where philosophers from Maynooth, Drs Gaven Kerr and Philip Gonzales, offer accessible introductory thoughts on perennial themes in the history of philosophy and the Catholic tradition.

See the full article here - https://www.irishcatholic.com/we-fail-to-love-someone-when-we-make-them-an-instrument-for-our-own-good/?fbclid=IwAR1sI6h59hhiTZ-4i3dbWiLuSuC0ZzqIwHikGNFUet1Z1gDDYIU9aFbd6ug