Annual Trócaire/Saint Patrick’s College lecture

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Our annual Trócaire/Saint Patrick’s College lecture took place in Renehan Hall, Maynooth on Tuesday night and was delivered by Dr Ethna Regan of Dublin City University, and Cardinal Michael F Czerny, on the subject, ‘How can Catholic Social Teaching help us to navigate fragility and lead us to local power and global justice in times of unprecedented crisis?’

At the lecture, Dr Regan said, “a disposition of solidarity is not just about standing with people in a humanitarian crisis, but an accompanying solidarity that empowers local partners, foregrounds local voices, and fosters local leadership. Cardinal Czerny said, “this earth, and the local and global relationships which nurture and sustain it, are indeed confronted by a time of unprecedented fragility. But, it is worth recalling the hope-filled words of Pope Francis in Laudato Sí. Our world has changed since Trócaire's foundation in 1973, and so have we. But we remain rooted in the values that shape us and in our belief that a more just and sustainable world is possible.”

Please find the recording of the Annual Lecture here