The Theological Turn in Continental Philosophy

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Posted 12th December

The Theological Turn in Continental Philosophy

On 15-16 December, SPPU systematic theologian, Dr. Joshua Furnal was invited to a two-day research workshop at Blackfriars and Campion Hall, Oxford to contribute to another segment of the Widening Horizons Project funded by the Templeton Religious Trust. The hosting project is entitled ‘Truth, Aquinas, & the Theological Turn in Continental Philosophy’, https://philosophical-theology... which is led by Dr. Oliver Keenan and Dr. Daniel De Haan. Joining other philosophical theologians from the USA, UK, and EU, Dr. Furnal’s presentation is based on his forthcoming monograph, which treats Cornelio Fabro’s Thomistic approach to Kierkegaard’s Theology. This is the third Templeton-funded project that Dr. Furnal has contributed to this year and commenting on this fact, Furnal observed ‘it highlights the important role that theological research in Maynooth has on an international stage’. The first workshop was ‘Analogy, Desire, and Imitation’ hosted at SPPU by Dr. Philip Gonzales, and the second was ‘Redeeming Autonomy’ hosted by ACU in Rome.

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