Graduate Attributes

Our graduates are fluent in the Catholic intellectual tradition, open, integrated and socially engaged.

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What are Graduate Attributes

‘Graduate attributes are the qualities, skills and understandings a university community agrees its students should develop during their time with the institution. These attributes include, but go beyond, the disciplinary expertise or technical knowledge that has traditionally formed the core of most university courses. They are qualities that also prepare graduates as agents for social good in an unknown future.’ (Bowden, 2000)


Why Graduate Attributes?

St Patrick's Pontifical University believes that these attributes distinguish our graduates in a way that enables them to enhance their futures, church and society. All our programmes therefore strive to develop these attributes in our students, in a manner that compliments and challenges each individual student.

Our graduates have gone on to enjoy successful careers that include teaching, marketing, communications, journalism, public relations, finance, community development, social services, chaplaincy and parish administration

What our graduates say

The MTh expanded my learning by exploring the Bible from new perspectives. It showed me how relevant theology is to all aspects of life.

Arnold Hensman MTh Graduate

Your theology studies have the potential to shape both who you are and what you do, just as it did with me.

Alan Burke Head of Mission & Hospital Management Team, Bons Secours Group

Being a student at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth gives you a sense of purpose, belonging and direction.

Sinéad Hussey RTÉ Broadcaster

BATH 2007, MTH 2010
​St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth is an institution which can provide an environment where people belong, grow and develop.

Ger Brennan GAA Development Executive at University College Dublin

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