Summer School Tilbury University (The Netherlands)

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“Thousands of men, women and children are forced into sexual slavery or raped during conflict-situations, and/or, when fleeing conflict, are forced by human traffickers into exploitative practices en route and in the country of destination. What is done to address these crimes and are these approaches contributing to realizing justice?”

We are proud to present to you Impact’s 6th annual Summer School on Justice for victims of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence (6 ECTS). From 11-22 July, online, i.c.w. Tilburg University Outreaching Honors Program. For bachelor and master students from all disciplines. Students from partner universities of Tilburg University get a 10% discount on the fee.

Apply before the deadline: 17 June 2022.

More info: https://www.tilburguniversity.... or e-mail:

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